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California, Tháng Sáu 2013.

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tmj nói...

For some reason, what most noticable to me is the placement of the bike's tire on the black shadow of the wire frame. Don't know if the rider intentionally did that but to me if the biker had been off that black shadow the balance of the image would have been altered. Just my opinion, TFS!

quantran101 nói...

Hi anh TMJ,

You're very observant. You're right, the image would not only be altered, but (I think) it will also be not very interesting.

As for the rider, I don't think he consciously do that. I think he would be off-balance trying. It's pretty difficult to stay aligned on such a narrow line. I think it's a coincident, and I got lucky.

When I saw the geometry of the bridge (and shadow, lines), I knew that I have to stop to take some shots. After I worked out the composition in my mind, I stood there hoping for something of interest to happen. I must have stood there for more than 15 minutes or so, and took about 20 shots of people walking, skating, children, older folks, etc... Most people walked near the edges, so they can look out and watch the view down below. (These images ended up in the recycle bin).

Finally, when I saw this rider appeared from the far end, I knew that it could turn out to be a good shot. I waited until he get closer and press the shutter. After playing the image back on the LCD, I felt pretty lucky (1 out of 20 is not too bad, I guess for street work :)), and left the area. Breath in, breath out, move on.

Thank you for viewing and offer such a cool opinion.


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